Peter Bromley

Peter Bromley originates from World's End, Chelsea, London. Bromley leaves school at 15 to work as a photography and darkroom assistant, and turns photographer 5 years later. Living and working in Paris, Milan and London in the 80's & 90's, he was mostly shooting fashion. In 2000, Bromley starts to include film, video and sound in his work. In 2003, he then sets up 1968 Film Group to bring together photography and film projects. In 2005, Peter Bromley moves away from making fictional short films and starts making feature documentaries.

Adrian Jackson

Adrian Jackson lives in London and has been walking the battlefields of First World War for more then 15 years. Recent interests have included an ongoing digital photographic survey of First World War Commonwealth War Graves situated in the cemeteries of the London area; as well as researching the immediate experiences of those men returning to the shifting identities being formed in the political, national and ideological spaces of the very immediate post war years.

Stephen Oldfield

Stephen Oldfield Sound Recordist and founder member of industrial band Ampersand. Oldfield has over 20 years experience working with Sound; he has worked with Peter Bromley on past film projects. Stephen is working on audio recordings within the Somme area for this project.

Ruben Woodin Dechamps

Ruben Woodin Dechamps Cinematographer for the Somme Project film 'On the Somme' is a filmmaker in his own right. Ruben has been involved in many productions across Europe and is now in the process of making his own documentary film concerning the experiences of German women during and after World War Two.

1968 Film Group